Start What to expect when dating a policeman

What to expect when dating a policeman

He had recently finished his probation period after becoming a law officer in the Seattle Police Department.

I've dated two cops and both were very controlling and always wanted to be the dominate one in the relationship.

Later on that getaway, driving through sun-soaked farm country, a patrol officer caught Keith speeding, pulled him over and let him off with a warning.

Both times Keith had passed the officer his police identification card along with his license.

Eventually Keith asked if I would hang out with some of his officer friends. He got serious fast, accelerating from "We don’t know what this is" to "I think I’m really falling for you" in less than three months, despite knowing I was leaving at the end of summer for a science policy fellowship on the other side of the country.

We stood around eating veggie dogs with barbecue sauce, listening to shop gossip about a fellow officer who had recently said something socially offensive about a minority group. Before I left, I took him on a getaway to see the places where I grew up.

The police, he said, gave him a way to care about his community and give back.

I could also tell they gave him acceptance and a source of purpose.

Teased when he was young, he hungered especially for masculine approval.