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First verifiable contact with humanity in 2047, during the later stage of Third Tiberium War. In Ops believes primary goal was to harvest Tiberium deposits on Earth and transport them to their center of operations, called the Ichor Hub.

They are able to utilise Tiberium infusion, as well as become mutated by the substance.

When Megatron revealed his plan to use the Omega Lock to cyberform Earth as well as Cybertron, Optimus used the Star Saber to destroy both the lock and its keys.

In the closing years of the Great War, the Decepticons staged a daring raid against an orbital space station above their homeworld that was rumored to contain a powerful, dangerous energy source known as Dark Energon.

The pair were intercepted by Megatron who took the key and challenged Optimus to a duel.

Despite the destruction of the Star Saber, Optimus was able to take back the Omega Key with Smokescreen's help.

Omega Keys are important relics in Cybertronian culture, dating back to before the onset of the Great War and the time of the Ancients.

Among the most powerful of the artifacts held in the Iacon vaults, they are highly sought after by both Autobots and Decepticons and give whoever uses them supreme power over Cybertron itself.

Through experimentation and hitting them on tables, Knock Out and Starscream were able to combine the keys, revealing a map of Cybertron with the location of the Omega Lock.