Start Joan jett and carmen electra dating

Joan jett and carmen electra dating

Many of these models have come forward with lurid details about his behavior.

Carmen Electra said she had a crush on singer Joan Jett when she was a girl, and now recently-single Carmen had the opportunity to make her childhood dreams come true.

The unlikely pair was said to be all over each other backstage at a concert: Carmen Electra, and rocker Joan Jett were getting hot and heavy, and they certainly were not trying to hide it.

In one scene, she’s emerging from a subway station.

reports that Electra and Jett are planning to attend the Dinah Shore Weekend together in Palm Springs, California tomorrow.

JJ: I met and eventually became friends with Liza Minnelli.

I find it hard to believe that Carmen takes the subway anywhere.

AE: Blackheart has one band, Girl in a Coma, that’s comprised of three young women. That reminds me of the Runaways vibe — being really intense rock-and-roll girls but also having this level of innocence, and I mean this only in the best way, this naiveté. When I started out with the Blackhearts after the Runaways and I moved to New York, my producer and songwriting partner, Kenny Laguna, he had a big old Cadillac.