Start 11th grader dating 7th grader

11th grader dating 7th grader

I feel a lot of respect for students who don't fit the norm but stick with what is best for their lives. Her English skills may have been such that when she started school, they put her back so that she would have time to become more solid in English before starting high school.

She has done so well though they offered to let her continue on the same path in high school courses only it will be for core credit from now on rather then elective so she's not repeating the core classes in high school.

Its actually pretty common but you tend to see it more in the virtual schools. By the time she actually hits high school she will basically skip 2 years and credit wise will be a Jr.

Her actual Jr year she will start college and graduate with both an AS and her high school diploma so who cares that she will be 20?

If you don't meet the credit requirements you stay in that grade until you do.

I was pretty freaked out when they made her repeat 7th and then threw her in high school classes but she's got straight A's and has thrived.

Are you concerned about her dropping out, because she's sick of still being in secondary school, at her age?

Perhaps suggest that she talk to a guidance counselor at school. If they're both in the same grade, most of the 19-year-old's friends are probably your sister's age, too.

Your sister's friend seems to be one of those cases.